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YoIN the network for Young Professionals in Limburg


Hey there! We are YoIN Limburg, the social and professional network of 700+ young professionals in Limburg. Will you YoIN our next activity?

What is YoIN Limburg?

YoIN Limburg is THE network for young professionals living and working in the Limburg area, founded in 2009. YoIN provides you with a platform of peers for social activities, networking opportunities and business/personal development events.

Currently we reach out to 700 young professionals; aged mid-twenties until mid-thirties; most of them completed higher education. Most of the members are working within larger companies and institutions – from locals to expats.

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YoIN Limburg Events

Since our launch, YoIN has organized a variety of events ranging from informal (monthly) drinks to business events. Examples of recent activities include seminars by experts (“Life hacking” by Martijn Aslander, “Open Innovation” with a.o. Directors from DSM and Vodafone), sporting activities, debate evening on the opportunities in the region (Limburg Run(a)way), company visits and introduction to the region (city tours, Avenue2 visit).

On average YoIN organizes 2 activities per month across Limburg. Events are generally free of charge to make it easy to join; some (training) events require a fee to cover costs.

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For every Young Professional

Are you somewhere between 23 and 40; feeling “young” at heart? Living and working in the broader Limburg area/Euregion? Looking for some nice people to connect with?

Via Facebook you can connect with other members from YoIN Limburg.

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